Candy Wrapper Rug_Classic_mint
Candy Wrapper Rug_Classic_mint

Upcycled indoor Rug

Candy Wrapper Rug_Classic_mint

Material: Virgin Wool (80%) & Candy Wrapper (20%)
Handwoven carpet, one of a kind
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Hand Made

All NOMAD products are not only unique and handmade, but also crafted with exceptional attention to detail.

Produce less-Produce well

The young Design Classic

The Candy Wrapper Rug forms the heart of our Nomad collection. It is our initial spark to weave carpets from leftover material. The Candy ­Wrapper Rug is a woven carpet. The chain is made of candy wrapper (20 %) and new wool (80 %). The Candy Wrapper Rug adapts to its surroundings. On cloudy days, it looks simple and calm. Daylight, the sun or artificial light make it shine. Almost like a surface of water on which the sun is dancing. Every Candy Wrapper Rug is unique and there is only one in the world.

80% Virgin Wool

Virgin wool the mother of the material is wonderful. It regulates the temperature and is soft and resistant at the same time.

Fair by nature

The craftsmanship and ethics behind our Candy Wrapper Rug

Once in a lifetime

About Jutta Werner

Jutta Werner, Founder and Creative Director of NOMAD, is an experienced ambassador of meaningful, long-lasting design in the field of interior design. With over two decades of global travel and brand shaping across various creative industries, Jutta brings a wealth of knowledge to her role.


Respect is in our DNA

"True greatness can come from unexpected sources when given the chance."

This principle is exemplified in the story of the Candy Wrapper Rug, which finds its origin in the picturesque mountains of the Himalayas.

Beginning with a humble candy wrapper, this remarkable product was brought to life through the artful combination of its distinct texture with the highest quality New Zealand wool.

The resulting contrast yields a truly unique and timeless design that is built upon centuries-old craftsmanship and a deep reverence for the materials used.